[Solved] Volkswagen Key Fob Not Working (Here’s the Fixes)

Volkswagen has already established its reputation for making excellent cars that are innovative, safe, and economical.

One of its advanced features is its key fobs that provide maximum convenience and security, making its drivers’ rides smooth all the time.

Thus, if the VW key fob suddenly stops working, you can no longer lock and unlock the doors of your car automatically. The worst case is if your Volkswagen cannot identify your key fob, making it impossible to start the car’s engine.

Causes Why VW Key Fob Is Not Working

Your VW key fob is truly a helpful device in making your daily ride easier, right? There is no need for manually locking and unlocking doors through holes which is a real challenge especially when you are in a hurry or a dark place!

However, innovations are always prone to mishaps, thus, your VW key fob may just stop functioning one day. If this happens, you will surely think endlessly about what goes wrong!

Below are some of the possible causes of why your VW key fob is not working.

  1. Your VW key fob’s battery is dead.
  2. You need to resynchronize or reprogram your key fob again.
  3. There are issues with the battery contacts inside your key fob.
  4. Your VW key fob might have gotten wet and incurred some water damage.
  5. There are signal interferences blocking the connection between your car and the key fob.
  6. The immobilizer system of your VW car is at fault.
  7. Your VW key fob is defective.

How To Fix a VW Key Fob That Is Not Working?

To fix the VW key fob that is not working, you may need to change its battery and reprogram it. You can also check if its battery is properly placed and if the contacts are not damaged. If the VW key fob gets wet, dry it appropriately right away. Additionally, keep away from anything or places where signal interferences are present. You may also need to check the immobilizer system of your VW car. If none of these work, your VW key fob may need a replacement.

There can never be more frustrating as a driver when your key fob stops working. What if you have an emergency or you need to attend a special event where you need your car the most?!

Do not worry much as most causes of glitches in your VW key fob can be fixed by yourself! Check the recommendations below and see which one will work for you.

Change the battery

The most common reason why your VW key fob is not functioning is its dead battery. You simply need to change the battery. Replacing the battery is very easy; but first, make sure you are getting the compatible one – the same size, voltage, and specification as the old one.

First, remove the cover of the key fob where its battery is located. Once open, you may use a thin object to pull out the battery. Next is to put in the new battery; make sure it is positioned properly. Once done, put the back cover of the key fob again and press it down until you hear a click sound which means it is locked already.

You can check this link for additional information: How to Change the Battery in a VW Key Fob

Reprogram your VW key fob

After changing the battery, you may need to reprogram your VW key fob to work again. The steps for reprogramming vary depending on the model of your Volkswagen.

For the 1997 and older models, you may follow the following steps.

  • Insert your VW key fob in the ignition and turn it on without starting the engine.
  • With the use of your spare key fob, lock the driver’s door. Close all the other doors too.
  • Press the unlock button on your spare key fob until you hear your car’s horn honks.
  • After 6 seconds, press the unlock button again to start the programming process.
  • Turn the ignition off and remove your key fob. Check if your fob will now work.

For the 1997 and newer models, you may follow the following steps.

  1. Insert your VW key fob in the ignition and turn it on without starting the engine.
  2. Close all the doors and lock the doors manually by pressing the lock button on the driver’s door.
  3. Using your spare key fob, press the unlock button 5 times with a second interval. This will make your car’s horn beep.
  4. After 6 seconds, press the unlock button again to delete the memory.
  5. Turn the ignition off and remove your key fob. Check if your fob will now work.

Reset your key fob

If the light in your key fob is flashing, it should be reset. You can only do this using the master key.

First, press and hold the lock or unlock button on your key fob for a second. Make sure your Volkswagen is locked. With the help of the master key, unlock and relock your car. This should reset the key fob by itself.

Check the battery contacts

You already changed the battery of your key fob, but it is still not working? Perhaps, the problem is the battery contacts which will complete the circuit of energy from your new battery.

If these contacts have issues, your key fob will not be powered up. Make sure your battery is firmly placed on it. Check if there is dust and damage in the contacts also which prevents it from functioning.

Check for water damage

Your VW key fob can tolerate some small splatters of water as it is water-resistant. However, it is not waterproof so if it gets soaked underwater, it is most likely to get damaged.

The first thing that you need to do is to remove the battery and dry your key fob immediately once it got submerged. You may use a clean towel to dry the battery and your key fob.

Avoid places where signals can interfere

Your key fob may not connect with your Volkswagen car if there are signal obstructions. If you are near radio towers or satellite systems, the signal can be obstructed.

Avoid going to places like these to prevent problems with your VW key fob.

Check the immobilizer system of your car

Some systems can prevent the connection between your key fob and your car. One is the anti-theft security system which prevents the use of an unknown key to start the car.

If your Volkswagen’s immobilizer system is at fault, it will not detect your key fob as the registered key for your car. You may confirm this when you see a key symbol on your car’s system which is a warning light.

Replace your key fob

If you think you have tried all possible solutions and even asked for the help of a professional but still nothing works, your key fob may be defective.

The simple solution to this is to get a new one. You can purchase a new key fob from your authorized dealer.

People Also Asked

How will I know if my VW key fob battery is low?

Before your VW key fob battery gets drained and dies, you will see early signs that you should be preparing a new one already.

Your key fob becomes unreliable and not consistent with its job anymore once its battery is low. If you need to lock or unlock your car’s door, you may need to press buttons a lot of times before it works. Even if you are near your car, your key fob is not giving out a signal to your Volkswagen.

If you experience some occasional glitches that are turning worse as days go by, you should get a new battery right away!


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