5 Most-Common Problems With Oliso Iron (with Solutions)

Oliso is one of the iconic smart brands, and it just got smarter. They design appliances that simplify daily life.


Oliso Iron Common Problems

Irons are now part of our everyday lives, and it’s usual to experience issues. Here are the common Oliso iron issues and ways to fix them:

1. Cloth Sticks to the Soleplate of Oliso Steam Iron

This hassle left a spot on your garments. Several circumstances can cause this trouble:

  • Temperature is too hot for the material

To dodge this, you can verify the kind of cloth used in your garment and examine your Oliso steam iron to know the recommended temperature setting.

  • Soleplate might be damaged

If the soleplate is damaged, it is advised to purchase a new one.

  • Stained Soleplate

If often used, the steam iron soleplate may become soiled. The attached smut in the iron cells may create a spot in the cloth.

If soleplates are Durilium, you need to wipe the soleplate with a damp non-metallic sponge.

If Soleplate is Stainless, you can wipe the soleplate with a non-abrasive sponge.

If the Soleplate is Auto-clean, try to avoid scratching the exterior of the soleplate. It is suggested that you use a soft, damp cloth.

(NOTE: Remember to unplug your steam iron first and wait till it cooled off before doing any of these)

2. Oliso Steam Iron Has Gone Off/Stopped Working

If the steam iron is automatically switched off, see what you can do to resolve the problem:

  • The auto-off function is enabled

It is automatically enabled when your steam iron if you’re not using it for 8 minutes. To turn the steam iron on, press the power button to switch it on.

  • The steam iron switches off or stops working when the steam hose is moved

The steam iron might have been broken during usage.

3. Steam Iron Doesn’t Glide Flatly

If the Oliso iron doesn’t glide smoothly on your fabric, read below to know what you can do:

  • The temperature is set too hot for the fabric to bear

Kindly check the description of your cloth to see what is the recommended temperature setting.

  • The Steam is not used

Ironing without the Steam may not glide as smoothly as it should. For best results and excellent gliding, you can use Steam while ironing.

  • The Iron’s soleplate is damaged

Your Iron’s soleplate should be replaced with a new one.

4. Oliso Steam Iron Makes a Noise

Several sounds like pumping, clacking, ticking are created while ironing using your Oliso steam iron. Read more about them here:

  • Water is being pumped

When water is tapped, the steam iron might be noisy. Noise is typical and presumed when using steam irons. If the noise is bothering you, you can lessen the sound by laying a cloth or any soft material beneath the base of your Iron.

  • Whenever Steam comes out of the soleplate, there is a wheezing noise

The high-pressure Steam causes the wheezing sound. Wheezing sound is typical for steam irons that use high-pressure Steam. On the other hand, by selecting the ECO setting, the wheezing sound can be subdued.

  • Loud pumping noise is bothersome

The water tank is probably empty when loud pumping noise is heard. The reason why loud pumping noise is produced is that the pump gets dry, which eventually creates noise from the steam iron.

To avoid getting the tank empty, you can religiously check the water level of the tank. If the tank is empty, instantly load it with water. After filling it with water, hold the steam button till the Steam is produced in the soleplate.

  • Ticking/Rattling noise can be heard from the Iron

If the Iron produces a noise, stops producing Steam, or does not heat up anymore and gradually builds a loud noise, the culprit may be the pump or its water system.

5. Oliso Steam Iron is Not Effective in Removing Creases

If your Steam Iron is not efficient in eliminating wrinkled clothes, these can help you find out how to fix it:

  • The temperature setting is low

You can fix this by simply setting the temperature according to the ironing material.

NOTE: Steam is needed to remove creases more efficiently for some fabrics.

  • Steam is not used

You can boost Steam by setting the dial into the Boost steam button in order to help you effectively eliminate hard creases.

Oliso Steam Iron Pro & Cons

It is no doubt that steam irons served as a convenient improvement to the conventional dry irons. Along with the continuous developments of innovative steam iron models by the other brands, we should also know the pros and cons of the Oliso brand before we start purchasing them.

While choosing the perfect Steam Iron for you and which is penny-wise, there are principal matters to reflect: quality of the product, warranty, safety aspects, power consumption, after-sale service, and of course, the cost of the product.


iTouch Technology: Technology that was specially devised for quilters and sewers. This technology lowers with just the touch of your hand and lifts when you have ended ironing. The iTouch Technology prevents burns and sweltering accidents.

Extra-large water tank: When we say extra-large, we mean 12.7oz of water! Aside from this, the steam iron also comes with a filler cup. What also sets apart Oliso steam iron is that it doesn’t need filtered water.

30 Minute Standby: Your steam iron remains on and hot for 30 minutes right before it goes standby to ensure your safety. When it goes standby, touch its handle to re-activate it.

The Tripleplay XtremeSteam with 1.5-inch detailer tip:  This comes with three steam settings: continuous, horizontal burst, and vertical burst, along with three steam levels: low, medium, high. The detailer tip gets within layers to create crisp pleats, pockets & cuffs and has a Solemate silicone soleplate protector.

Quick heating time: The Oliso iron can take up to 80 seconds to full high heat, thanks to its 1800 watts. That is the reason why the Iron quickly heats up. It also provides for OnePass pressing, delivering deep penetrating heat to make the fast task of laundry piles.

Ironing with Steam: Oliso TG1600 model has steam holes on its soleplate. It has four steam settings: none, low, medium, high. DO not worry about hurting yourself because the Steam shuts off as your hand moves away from the handle.

Lightweight and ergonomic: The secret of Oliso’s lightweight is that its soleplate is built from durable, high-quality silicone. The Solemate will also preserve you from getting scratches and other damage.


Delay in recognition: You can experience a slight delay in the handle recognizing your grip. However, the wait is mostly insignificant. You will have to master it unless it crunches your fabric.

Small fill cup: It takes two cups for the tank to be filled.

Squeaking sound: When the feet release from the iron face to stand the Iron up, and when they retract into the faceplate, the mechanics make a slight squeaking noise. Some may find this bothersome, and some may find this bearable.

Draining the water tank: According to the manufacturer’s instructions, let the Iron cool fully and empty the water reservoir at the end of each use. The chore may be a hassle task for some, but others may be fine with this.

How Long Should an Oliso Steam Iron Last?

Oliso steam iron’s life span depends on the owner and if the Iron is rightly handled and maintained.

Oliso Steam Iron may last longer than a typical steam iron. That’s why it is essential to ask yourself if what is more deserving of your money? Is it an ordinary steam iron or a long-lasting Oliso steam iron?

Is It Worth Repairing a Oliso Steam Iron?

Maintaining your steam iron for years can make it perform excellently and even last for a long time. But it is a no-brainer that the value of fixing and maintaining it can finally depress the cost of buying a brand-new steam iron in the long run.

That’s why it is safe to say that it always depends on how strong you value your intention and your financial capacity. If it is a burden for you to throw a steam iron, you can try giving it instead to a person who knows how to make the best out of it.

Restoring a steam iron is not worthy because a brand-new one can be low-cost and come with a warranty. Buying a new steam iron is more cost-efficient and practical.

Oliso Steam Iron Alternative

Oliso Steam Irons can be compared to Rowenta Steam Irons. The two have been used for a long time now and have earned strong regard for their steam irons.

Oliso has 1800 watts, while Rowenta has 1700 watts and it could almost tell no difference about heating up.

Also, the weight of these two steam irons is practically identical, considering nearly no difference.

These two steam irons are specially designed for quilters and sewers to address their safe steam iron needs.