[Solved] BMW Key Fob Not Working (Here’s to Fix the Problem)

When you talk about a German car perceived as a status symbol of luxury and performance, BMW is definitely on the list! This car brand is quite famous and is known to be highly expensive!

However, the brand is experiencing questionable quality as some of its cars received low rankings when reliability is concerned. One of the reported problems is its car’s key fob which usually malfunctions.

If you are dealing with the same trouble, how can you fix your BMW key fob that is not working?

Causes Why BMW Key Fob Is Not Working

The key fob of your BMW car offers numerous features showing how innovative it is. You may not even be aware of all of them, keeping others still a secret from you!

Since the fob suddenly stops working, you are experiencing inconvenience when you want to lock and unlock your car’s doors or open and close its windows. It may also be a struggle to easily fold your car’s side mirror or open its trunk!

You will surely think twice or thrice about what went wrong; why is your fob not doing its job anymore?

Check the list below to know the causes of why your BMW key fob is not working.

  • Your key fob’s battery is drained or dead.
  • Some of the buttons of your fob are loose.
  • The battery connector terminals are faulty.
  • The comfort access antenna that detects the signal from the key fob is unplugged.
  • Your fob got soaked and caused water damage.
  • There are signal interferences between the fob and your car.
  • There are some pairing issues with the fob and your vehicle.
  • The immobilizer system of your BMW car is at fault, preventing the start of the engine.
  • Your BMW key fob is defective already.

How To Fix A BMW Key Fob That Is Not Working?

To fix the BMW key fob that is not working, you should check its battery, buttons, connector terminals of the battery, and the comfort access antenna. If the fob gets wet, remove the battery immediately and dry it properly.

It is also recommended to move away from possible signal interferences. You can also reprogram your key fob or check the immobilizer system of your car to make your fob work again.

If the DIY suggestions do not work, bring your key fob to a professional or service center. The last resort is to replace your BMW key fob with a new one if it is unrepairable already.

Change the battery

The top reason your BMW key fob is not working is its dead battery. You will see early signs that its battery starts to wear out once its range is slowly decreasing.

You need to replace the old one with a new compatible battery for your fob; it should be the required specifications, voltage, and size. Also, be sure to put the new battery facing the right direction.

Check the buttons and fix them if needed

Your BMW fob may not function if there are issues with its buttons. Over time, its buttons may be loosened or get damaged.

If a button gets stuck or does not want to be pressed, you can fix it yourself with the help of simple tools.

First, disassemble the casing of your fob and remove the buttons. Clean the buttons properly and assemble the fob again once done. Some dirt and dust can be the reason why you cannot press the buttons of your key fob properly.

Check the battery connector terminals and repair them if faulty

Even if you have a working battery, your fob will not function again if the battery connector terminals are damaged. You can check this yourself by disassembling the remote to see its internal parts.

The connector terminals that are loosened or damaged can be fixed by soldering to return them to their place. If you are unsure how to do this, seek the help of a professional.

Check the comfort access antenna

The comfort access antenna can be usually seen under the armrest, within the central console area. It is the one detecting the signal of your BMW key fob. Check if it is unplugged; if not, it can be busted already that needs replacement.

Dry the key fob immediately if it gets wet

You may get it wrong when it says that your BMW key fob is water-resistant since you may care less about it getting wet. Some splashes of liquid can be tolerated, but getting your fob submerged in the water will most likely cause water damage as it is not waterproof!

If your fob gets wet with rain or clean tap water, you should immediately remove the battery and dry it. Clean and dry the internal parts using a clean towel before putting the battery back. If it gets soaked in salt water or dirty water, you should use isopropyl alcohol or electronic cleaner as you clean and dry the battery.

Move away from possible signal interferences

Signal interference can disrupt the connection between your BMW key fob and your car. Once you leave the place of interference, your key fob should start working again.

Signals can be disrupted by bad weather, electronic devices, transmitters, and satellite systems. If you are under these circumferences, expect the possibility of a fob malfunctioning.

Reprogram your key fob again

You can also reprogram your key fob if you think it has pairing issues with your car. You can check your car’s manual on how to reprogram or you can also use an OBDII scanner. If skeptical about how to reprogram yourself, you can visit your dealer as they can do the reprogramming for you.

If you want to do the reprogramming yourself, check this: How To Reprogram Your BMW Key.

Check the immobilizer system of your car

The immobilizer system is an anti-theft security feature that prevents the starting of your car from using an unauthorized key. This system can have issues that prevent the detection of your fob even if it is authorized. You can seek the help of your authorized dealer to check this system since they have the code needed for you to start your car with a genuine vehicle key.

Replace your BMW key fob

If nothing works from the suggested steps above and your authorized dealer cannot repair it anymore, you should replace your key fob. You can purchase one at your dealer or check other automotive stores and even online shops.

People Also Asked (PAA)

Why is the BMW key fob not working after the battery change?

Sometimes, changing the battery of your key fob can make it function again right away. But if not, it may have been deprogrammed after the battery change. Once deprogrammed, your car’s onboard computer will be instructed to dismiss all existing authorized keys from its list.

This can be verified if all other spare keys will stop working also. You can do self-programming, seek the help of a locksmith, or call your dealer about this issue.


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