[Solved] Ford Radio Not Working (Easy Proven Fixes!)

Ford is one of the most popular automotive brands today. In fact, it bagged the 2nd spot in the rankings of the most valuable American brands of vehicle across the world last 2021!

You can definitely imagine yourself driving your dashing Ford car while listening to your favorite song on the radio.

But, wait! What if Ford’s radio suddenly stops working? How can you resolve this?

Why Is Ford Radio Not Working?

A long drive will not be enjoyable without an upbeat or emotional song that gets you in the mood, right? You might also agree that another effective way to save your senses when you get stuck in traffic is by listening to the radio!

So, if one day your Ford radio misbehaves, you will be in a panic feeling lost as to what causes its malfunctions. A radio issue might just be a cue for a more serious problem that needs your immediate attention.

Check the list below of possible reasons why your Ford radio is not working. Some are just simple grounds that you might just overlook but others are quite critical that you need the service of a professional.

  •  There are some power issues (a battery or alternator problem)
  • Damaged or blown fuses
  • There are loose or faulty wires
  • Solder flow or damage in the radio’s mainboard
  • The radio is stuck or frozen
  • The radio is not installed properly
  • The SYNC system is outdated or having issues
  • There are problems with the speakers of your Ford car
  • The volume of the speakers is not too low
  • The radio itself is damaged already

How To Fix Ford Radio That Is Not Working?

You can fix the Ford radio that is not working by checking and replacing a damaged battery, alternator, fuses, wires, or mainboard. You can reset the radio or update, reset, or master the SYNC system too. Likewise, check the radio installation and car speakers, and turn up the volume. Lastly, you might need to replace the radio and bring it to a professional to resolve the issue.

  • Check the battery and the alternator

If your Ford vehicle is experiencing some power issues, its radio’s power is also affected. It would be good if you know how to check these power sources. such as the battery and alternator, by yourself to save money. But if not, bring it to a professional mechanic and you might need to do some replacements if needed.

  • Check the radio fuses and replace the damaged ones

A blown fuse is a usual cause of why a Ford radio is not functioning properly. Check your vehicle’s manual to find where the fuse box is if you are not familiar with it.

You can change the fuse box yourself if you can; otherwise, seek some professional help. First, inside the hood of your vehicle, locate the engine fuse box and uncover it.

Look for the defective fuse, detach it using long nose pliers, and replace it with a new one. If you see a burn-like fuse or a blown fuse with an upper top split into two parts, do a replacement immediately. Make sure you got the correct amperage rating for the new fuse because if not, fire accidents or wire issues can happen.

  • Check the wires

If the Ford radio is not turning on, check the wires connecting the radio to the battery. Make sure to tighten loose wires and replace those damaged ones. A damaged wire has signs of corrosion or wears out.

  • Check the mainboard and fix it if needed

The mainboard of your Ford radio is a highly sensitive part that you must always be cautious of. Any tiny damage or solder flow will undoubtedly cut off the radio’s performance.

Fixing the mainboard is a very crucial task that can only be performed by people with the right knowledge and skills. However, there is a shared hack for fixing this problem that even unskilled ones can do!

First, place the mainboard on cardboard, put it on the baking tray, and put it inside the oven toaster. Bake it for 8 minutes at 385 degrees. Once done, allow it to completely cool down before reinstalling back.

  • Reset the radio

To reset the Ford radio, turn off the car first and pull out the key from the ignition. Second, disconnect the battery terminals and wait for 30 minutes to 1 hour before reconnecting. This process will drain the stored power of the battery.

After waiting, reconnect and turn on your radio again. This will resolve the frozen or stuck issue.

  • Update, reset, or master reset the SYNC system

A malfunctioning radio can be the result of an outdated SYNC system. Check the link below for a complete guide on how you can install updates to your Ford vehicle:


You can also do a simple reset to resolve the issues with your radio. Click the link below:


You can also perform a master reset to your SYNC system if you think it is too loaded with data, causing your radio to be stuck up. Check the link below for performing the master reset:


  • Check the radio installation

Once the radio is not installed properly, you can expect it will not work as expected. This is possible if the installation is only done DIY and not by a professional as some wires might be misconnected or some parts were damaged.

To resolve this, have a professional look at your Ford radio. If there are wrong wire connections, you should fix them. You should also replace the faulty components.

  • Check the speakers of your Ford vehicle

Aside from checking the radio, you should also inspect the speakers of your vehicle. The radio might be working well but you cannot hear it since the speakers are the ones at fault!

To test the speakers, you can try playing a song through other devices. Connect your device’s Bluetooth to the car’s system, plugged in a flash drive to the car’s USB port, or directly plug your device into your car’s auxiliary port.

If you still do not hear the songs being played through your devices, then the speakers can be the problem!

You can also check the graphical display of your car’s system for sound output. The bars moving will demonstrate that the radio is sending out the sound. Thus, the radio is working but the speakers have issues, preventing them from producing the sounds.

  • Turn up the volume of your Ford speakers

You might be too occupied sometimes that you oversee the very simple reasons why we could not hear any single sound from the Ford radio. Be sure you turn up the volume first before thinking of other crucial reasons for your radio’s problem. The speakers might be muted or set to a very low volume, thus, you could not hear anything.

  • Replace the radio

If the Ford radio is still not working after following all the above suggestions, the problem may be the radio itself. You should then replace it so better check the warranty if you can still claim for a free replacement.

  • Bring Ford radio to a professional

If the case is hopeless for you, you better bring the Ford radio to your dealer or a professional mechanic. These experienced people know better what to do to fix the problem.


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