5 Common Problems with Russell Hobbs Bread Maker (with Solution)

Nothing can ever beat the flavor of homemade bread. With Russell Hobbs, homemade baking will never be the same way again as they prioritize convenience and quality for you.

For your benefit, we compiled some most common Russell Hobbs bread maker issues and the best help to resolve them.


List Of Common Problems With Russell Hobbs Bread Maker

With the pandemic on the rise, many people have opted to invest in a bread maker.

If you’re one of those people, you may want to learn a thing or two on how to troubleshoot typical Russell Hobbs bread maker problems to achieve that perfect loaf you’ve been desiring.

1. The bread sticks to the surface of the pan

If the dough of the bread keeps sticking on your bread maker pan, here are some tips on how to resolve them:

  • Non-stick pan is scratched: Non-stick pans usually scratch when washed with chemicals such as dishwashing liquid and detergent. To avoid scratching the pan’s surface, you might opt to rub your pan down with oil to wipe it.
  • Bread Loaf isn’t that intact: Always make sure that the dough of the loaf you’ll be using is placed on a pan rubbed by an oil priorly.

2. The Bread Loaf has holes on its bottom

The holed bottom can be such a hassle and frustration for breadmakers. To see what went wrong, continue reading the section below:

  • The problem lies with the paddles:
    • Collapsible Paddles – If your Rusell Hobbs has collapsible paddles, you may want to use chopsticks instead and have it stick into the whole.
    • Removable paddle –  Simply remove the paddle before adding the loaf dough. However, keep in mind that you must turn off the bread maker at the beginning of the rise then remove the paddle and loaf dough. Finally, you can now place the loaf dough back in the bread maker.

3. The Bread Loaf collapses

If you are experiencing this kind of trouble, the problem doesn’t lie in the bread maker machine itself. Check out below to learn what the culprit may be:

  • There might be an error in the recipe: Try to verify if you had an error while achieving the recipe. If you happen to have a mistake, ensure that you will be more careful next time you bake.
  • Expired flour and yeast: Before putting the ingredients together, re-check if the ingredients, especially the flour and yeast, are expired. Expired flours and yeasts are not effective rising agents anymore.
  • The dough may be too watery: Your dough must contain a lot of water than needed. Keep in mind that you should ensure the even consistency of the dough before pouring it into the bread maker pan.
  • Added too much yeast: Yeast is a rising agent. That’s why you have to be careful when adding it because too much yeast makes your loaf rise immediately, but eventually, it collapses. To enhance the structure of your loaf, you may want to add salt.

4. Power cuts happen frequently

Russell Hobbs Bread maker is an electric-powered appliance. That’s why it is an annoyance for bread makers to experience power cuts. To fix this issue, read more below:

  • Power cuts endure for less than 30 minutes: The power of your Russell Hobbs Bread Maker will eventually go back as long as the power is stored through its cord.
  • Power cuts endure for more than 30 minutes:  Unplug your Russell Hobbs bread maker first, then make sure to empty the pan. Clean the pan’s surface and have it turned on again.   

5. Bread Crusts were darker than my preferred color

Dark crusts sometimes are not preferable for some because they may indicate that the bread is overcooked and burnt. To stop this from happening, here is something you can do:

  • The crust bar setting set on dark: Your Russell Hobbs Break Maker has a crust bar indicator function. Always check whether the crust bar is on your preferred setting to ensure you also achieve your desired crust color.

Russell Hobbs Bread Maker Pro & Cons


It offers three loaf sizes

If you’re using Russell Hobbs Bread Maker, you can have the freedom to choose between 500g, 750g, and 1kg loaf sizes.

It has three crust colors option

Russell Hobbs Bread Maker allows you to set the crust into your desired color to blend well with your preferences.

Cheaper compared to half of the price of its competitors

Many reviewers have tried reviewing Russell Hobbs Bread Maker, and they are in awe when they learn that it only costs less than half the price of its competitors. So if you are ever on a tight budget, this Bread Maker by Russell Hobs sure does a good loaf for its price.

Includes Twelve programs

These programs include Basic, French, Wholewheat, Sweet, Super Rapid, Quick, Dark, Dough & Bagel, Jam, and Bake options, baking your loaf ranging from approximately 55 minutes or 1 hour and 20 minutes.

Simple Control Panel

This control panel has three soft-touch buttons menu, size and crust color choices, and delay timer for your convenience.

Large Viewing Window

Because the Russell Hobbs Bread Maker’s viewing window is large, this allows you to have an excellent glimpse of what is occurring inside so that you won’t burn your loaf.

One of the most compact models

Bloggers’ verdicts were even though this Bread Maker is cheap and compact, Russell Hobbs did a great job because they didn’t compromise the quality.


This bread maker weighs approximately 4kg and is about 0.5 lighter than the average breadmakers available in the market. 

Compact size-wise

Since this bread maker is compact, this will surely fit easily into a standard kitchen cabinet.


Short power cable

Because the power cable is short, it limits your choices when placing or relocating it around your countertop.

It doesn’t come with a measuring cup

This is one of a turn-off since this is a standard issuance for every bread maker for some pastry bakers.

Limited programs & recipe book

Russell Hobbs Bread Make comes only with twelve recipes, with each recipe assigned for each program. The Internet may offer a lot of breadmaking procedures; breadmakers usually bake the most high-grade loaves of bread with recipes specifically made to work excellently with the bread maker.

A little slower than its competitors

Reviewers tried and tested the Russell Hobbs Bread Maker with 50% wholewheat and 50% white flour. Its program took 3 hours and 46 minutes, which is slightly slower than other bread makers because the wholewheat program begins with pre-heating 30 minutes the ingredients in 25 degrees.

No fruit or seed dispenser program is available

The alternative Russell Hobbs has programmed is that there is a loud, clear signal when it is the moment to add the fruit or seed. That’s why it’ll require you to be nearby to do this, which slightly limits which loaves of bread to make.

How Long Should a Russell Hobbs Bread Maker Last?      

Russell Hobbs Bread Maker can survive for approximately 7-9 years. Seven to nine years is long-lasting enough if compared to regular bread makers available in the market.

With this being said, it is always necessary to consider whether the bread maker you will be investing in is penny worthwhile.

Russell Hobbs Bread Maker’s life span is affected by various factors, some of it as below:

  • How its owner takes care of the bread maker.
  • How they use it.
  • How well the bread maker is maintained and cleaned.

Is It Worth Repairing a Russell Hobbs Bread Maker? 

Yes. It’s worth it. Maintenance and repair are essential and are part of taking care of your Russell Hobbs bread maker.

However, when the topic is about the cost of repairing and maintaining it for a very long time, the repair costs will eventually outweigh the purchasing cost of a new bread maker.

The decision always relies on the owner. The decision may revolve between how you value your possessions, and of course, your financial capability. Weighing these factors can help you decide smarter on what to do next with your old steam iron.

Some bread maker owners say that the cost of restoring their old bread makers may not be worth it anymore because a brand-new one can be way cheaper and will come with a warranty. Still, the decision depends on weighing the pros and cons of every choice you make.

Is It Worth Buying a Russell Hobbs Bread Maker?

Yes. For its low price, you can say that this bread maker does deliver. However, there are some experiences that you can’t leave the bread maker on its own if you desire to add fruits, nuts, or seeds. Some may find it a small sacrifice to produce a loaf that delivers for its price.

Russell Hobbs Bread maker is named the best bread maker in the overall category by the Independent. Being one of the cheapest bread makers available in the market, it boasts 600 watts of power, 29cm x 32cm x 30cm dimensions, 1kg loaf maximum capacity, and 12 programs.

However, there is still a lot that this bread maker lacks. That’s why you have to know what you want before selecting the right bread maker for you.

Russell Hobbs Bread maker is perfect if you are starting to learn breadmaking and tight budget.

Russell Hobbs Bread Maker Alternative    

Russell Hobbs Bread Maker is the same as Morphy Richards home bake breadmaker. Russell Hobbs and Morphy Richards are both known to be excellent bread makers and are well-respected in the market of bread makers.

Russell Hobbs Bread Maker and Morphy Richards Bread Maker have 600 watts of power and 1kg of maximum capacity. However, Morphy Richards is a little bigger than Russell Hobbs, boasting 36cm x 26.5cm x 28.5cm dimensions. Morphy Richards also has 14 programs, unlike Russell Hobbs’ 12.

Overall, Russell Hobbs is still cheaper than Morphy Richards. Now, we will give the verdict to you.


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