[Solved] Honda Remote Start Not Working (Here are the Quick Fixes!)

One of the best-loved features of Honda cars is their remote start or the Remote Engine Start System. Why not? This remote start offers lots of benefits that can make every driver’s life less complicated!

Imagine enjoying the ease of powering up your car without the challenge of inserting the key into the ignition. Or, preheat or pre-cool your car based on outside conditions if you have automatic climate control!

Unfortunately, Honda remote start can sometimes get crooked and decline to function. How can you troubleshoot this issue?

Causes Why Honda Remote Start Is Not Working

It is surely hard to point out the reason why your Honda remote abruptly stops working. You will certainly think about what may be the culprits that avert you from attending an important meeting or joining a special event that you have been waiting for so long!

Check the list below because one of them may be the simple ground of why your remote start won’t function!

  • The batteries of the key fob are dead already
  • The brake pedal is not pressed firmly together with the pushing of the start button
  • The car is not in park mode when you attempt to start it
  • The engine hood, door, tailgate, or trunk lid of your car might be open
  • The doors are unlocked
  • The hazard lights or check engine light of your vehicle is turned on
  • The keyless access remote is inside the car (only applies when the car is equipped with the keyless access system)
  • There might be problems with the vehicle’s starter
  • The system is in inhibition mode
  • The ignition key is plugged into the ignition switch
  • The security warning system is activated (only applies to cars equipped with the security system)
  • Some buildings or obstacles may be blocking the connection between the key fob and your Honda car.
  • There might be external electrical interference from other devices such as laptops, tablets, or cell phones.

How To Fix The Honda Remote Start Not Working?

Basically, the first thing that you need to check is the batteries of your remote fob. You need to change them if they are drained to function again.

Likewise, make sure that you have closed every part of your Honda car that needs to be shut like the doors, engine hood, tailgate, and trunk lid. Turn off the hazard lights and check the engine life light too.

You should just be starting your Honda car with the transmitter once the gearshift lever is in the “P” or park position. Also, make sure nothing is blocking the connection between the fob and your car, like buildings or electrical devices.

Not working after battery replacement

The remote start fob can be deprogrammed after a battery replacement which can lead to some functionality problems. After changing the battery, your car’s system might not recognize the fob anymore.

What you can do to fix this is to reprogram your fob and reset the connection again with your Honda remote start. In resetting, check your Honda car’s manual or go to https://www.programyourremote.com/ since carmakers have not standardized their reprogramming procedures.

Resetting the fob on your own is usually for old Honda models. Thus, if you own newer models, you might need to go to your dealer as most of their keys can only be reprogrammed by the service department.

Not working in cold weather

Experiencing vehicle problems during cold weather is very common as the low temperature can have bad effects on your car’s parts. Cold weather can impact your Honda car’s battery to produce less current, its oil to become thicker, and its fuel lines to have moisture.

To solve this, you can press the lock button first, then press and hold the engine button for 5 seconds. You will see a flashing red light at the top of your fob once this technique works.

By Honda Model

Honda Pilot

The “Engine Start/Stop” switch may be malfunctioning; thus, you need to have it fixed. You can claim a warranty for a free repair if your Honda Pilot is still covered. If not, you should seek the help of a professional mechanic in replacing the switch.

Honda Odyssey

Once you turn on your Honda Odyssey and the display shows “Open Hood Warning”, press the OK button on the steering wheel. Next, turn off your car and close its engine hood. Try starting your Odyssey again and this process shall reset its Start/Stop feature.

Honda Accord

On your Honda Accord’s screen, go to Menu > Settings > Vehicle > Keyless Access Setup. You will see four options such as Remote Start System On/Off, Keyless Access Beep, Keyless Access Light Flash, and Door Unlock Mode. Set them up properly based on your preference that will work with your remote fob.

Honda Civic

Check the batteries of the fob first and replace them if needed. You might need to reprogram the fob if the remote start is still not working.

    Simply pressing the brake pedal is not enough once you use the remote start of the Honda Ridgeline. You need to apply extra pressure and you might need to do some adjustments with your brake cables, tightening them with an Allen wrench, to make the remote start function again.

    Honda Passport

    When pressing the lock button and remote start button of your Honda Passport transmitter, be sure to stand within 400 feet of it. If you are too far and out of the required distance, your car’s light will not flash and start since it will not receive the command from the fob.

    Honda Insight

    You should enable the remote start system in your Honda Insight for the remote start to function properly. On the screen of your car, go to Settings > Vehicle > Keyless Access Setup > Remote Start System On/Off. Enable the system by clicking the toggle to “On”.

    People Also Asked

    How do I reset my Honda remote starter?

    First, before starting the ignition, turn “ON” the key fob with 1 click. After 5 seconds of turning it on, press the lock button for 1 second.

    Next, turn “OFF” the key fob and repeat the steps of the “on and off cycle” 2 more times. Be sure to allot a 5-second interval for each cycle.

    Third, turn ON the key fob again and press the lock button. You will hear the noise of your car doors’ locks which indicates that the Remote Programming Mode is taking place. Do not turn off the fob while in this process.

    Lastly, turn OFF the key and test if it has been successfully reset.


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