[Solved] Honda CarPlay Not Working (Cause and How To Fix)

When it comes to quality, reliability, and safe ride, Honda cars are the ones to check out! As proven by their acquired awards, they are cut out to be favorably innovative for the benefit of their drivers.

Honda cars are equipped with Apple CarPlay as their infotainment system which allows you to use your iOS applications. But, what if Honda CarPlay abruptly malfunctions as you use the map in the middle of an unknown place?

Why Is Honda CarPlay Not Working?

Apple CarPlay is the perfect copilot if you want to multitask – using your iOS device while driving. It is featured on your Honda’s built-in display where you can use maps, do messaging, make calls, use the calendar, or listen to your favorite music.

You also have the free will to control it based on your discretion. You can use Siri to give voice commands, touch the screen, twist knobs, or press buttons. Do as you wish while ensuring your safety while driving!

Yet, glitches should just be anticipated along the way due to various root causes. If your Honda CarPlay is not working, you surely want to hunt down the culprit and fix it right away!

Below are the common reasons why Honda CarPlay is not working. Take note and check if your iOS device, CarPlay, or car is encountering these setbacks.

  • Your device (iPhone or iPad) is not running the latest version of iOS
  • CarPlay’s application is outdated
  • Some running applications on your device are interfering with CarPlay
  • Your device is not connected properly to CarPlay; either through a USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Your Honda’s infotainment system has software issues or is not compatible with CarPlay
  • The cable used for connecting your device and the CarPlay may be damaged
  • CarPlay is not allowed while your device’s screen is locked
  • Your device is overheating
  • Wrong booking sequence of Honda’s infotainment system

How To Fix Honda CarPlay That Is Not Working?

You can fix a Honda CarPlay that is not working by updating your device and the CarPlay, closing other running applications, and rebooting or factory resetting your car’s infotainment system. Likewise, make sure to properly connect your device to Honda CarPlay, replace the damaged cable, and use only the Apple cable.

You can also do a simple reconnecting and resetting of your device. Further, you should enable your CarPlay to work while your phone is locked. If Honda CarPlay is still not working after attempting various troubleshooting, you should seek the help of your Honda dealer or a professional.

Update your device

Once your device is outdated, CarPlay may not work adequately. You need to make sure your device is always running the latest iOS version.

First, go to the “Settings” of your device. Next, click “General” and choose “Software Update”. Wait while available updates are being checked. If there are available ones, tap “Install Now” or “Download and Install”. You might need to enter your password before installing the latest iOS version.

Update your CarPlay application

Do not just update your device operating system, you also need to update CarPlay itself to function properly. If it is outdated, it will not be able to run some features.

Close other running applications on your device

If your phone is running too many applications together with CarPlay, the latter may have connecting issues with it. Simply close other applications for a while to solve the problem and try using Honda CarPlay again.

Reboot your Honda’s infotainment system

While using Honda CarPlay or after booting up, the screen may suddenly turn black. The booking sequence of the system may be stuck up.

If the screen goes black while using CarPlay, simply do a reboot. If the black screen appears after a reboot, turn on your Honda car, wait for the system to complete rebooting, and only connect your device again once the system has fully rebooted.

Connect your device properly to CarPlay

You can connect your device to Honda’s infotainment system using two ways – using a cable or pairing it through Bluetooth. You might just need to go back to the first step of connecting to solve the CarPlay issue.

If you will use a cable (USB-C to Lightning cable) be sure to properly and firmly plug it into both your device and your Honda’s infotainment system. As for connecting wirelessly through Bluetooth, go to the “Bluetooth” settings of your device and check if it is paired successfully to Honda’s CarPlay.

Replace the damaged cable; use only Apple cable

If you are using a USB cable for connecting your device to Honda’s infotainment system, be sure to replace it if faulty already. It is also highly recommended to use an Apple cable (USB-C to Lightning cable) to make sure it is compatible and perfectly fits with your device.

Reconnect your device

Reconnecting your device can solve CarPlay’s issues too. On your device, simply go to “Settings”, then “General”, and click “CarPlay”. Choose your Honda car’s name and select “Forget this car”. Restart your device after and try to connect it again to Honda using a cable or Bluetooth.

Restart your device

One of the usual and effective ways to resolve connection problems is by restarting your device. Your device might just be overheating and so loaded that it needs to rest and restart for a while. To restart your iOS device, you can use the home button or the power off and volume buttons.

With the home button, press and hold it until the “power off” option pops up on your device screen. Slide the power off button to the right and it will be turned off. Wait for 30 seconds before turning your device again.

For the second option, press the power button and the volume up or down button together. Slide the power-off button to the right to turn it off. Wait for 30 seconds and press the power button to turn on your device again.

Allow CarPlay while your device is locked

You can sometimes overlook this and think no setting will be needed for this. Well, there is and you need to set it properly so your locked phone will still be working with Honda’s infotainment system.

First, go to “Settings”, click “General, and then tap “CarPlay”. Next, search for the name of your Honda car and click it. You will see “CarPlay while Locked”; simply swipe the button beside it to “ON” to enable CarPlay even when locked.

Do a factory reset in your Honda’s infotainment system

If your car’s infotainment system is already full of data, it may not work properly. There might be some bugs or other glitches preventing its operation; and, doing a factory reset might resolve the issue!

First, on the screen of your infotainment system, look for the “System” settings. After clicking the system setting, look for “Factory Reset” and click it. Select “Yes” once the Factory Reset prompt is shown on the display. Wait for a couple of minutes while the system is returning to its default settings. Once done, restart your Honda vehicle and try running the CarPlay again. 

Seek the help of professionals

CarPlay will not function properly if the problem is with the car’s infotainment system itself. The system may be experiencing software issues or may not even be compatible with CarPlay.

To fix this, you should seek the help of your Honda dealer or a professional to inspect the infotainment system.


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