4 Most-Common Problems With Phoenix Gold Iron (With Solutions)

Phoenix Gold Int, Inc. creates, trades, and markets electronics, a lot of variety specifically for diverse markets.

As steam irons take a vital role in our daily lives, it is normal to encounter difficulties. Provided below are the typical Phoenix Gold steam iron problems and ways to resolve them:


Phoenix Gold Iron Common Problems

1. Steam Iron has gone off/stopped working.

If your Phoenix Gold steam iron is switched off on its own, read below on what you can do to fix it:

  • The automatic shut-off function is enabled:

– If connected to its base and the iron power may be turned on, been left idle for approximately 30 seconds positioned horizontally, the heating will automatically shut off. If this occurs, the automatic shut-off indicator light will flicker. Elevate the iron to the vertical position and let the steam iron heat before ironing again to disable this safety function.

– If your steam iron is connected to its base with the power turned on, is continually used for approximately 30 minutes, a safety function will be enabled, and the heating will shut off. To deactivate the safety feature, the Automatic Shut-off Indicator Light will flicker. Elevate the iron back to the vertical position to disable this safety function shown by constant blue light. Let the iron heat to the actual temperature before using it again.

2. Fabric material sticks to Phoenix Gold Steam Iron soleplate

This trouble can be one of the nightmares for us because it leaves a spot or even scratches on our cloth. Various factors can cause this trouble:

  • Temperature setting may be scorching hot for the fabric material: To avoid this trouble, you can check the type of material used in the garment you are ironing and check your Phoenix Gold steam Iron to identify the suggested temperature setting.
  • Soleplate is stained – Phoenix Gold steam iron soleplate may become stained if frequently used. Eventually, the stains that the soleplate of your steam iron carry may transfer to the cloth you are ironing.
  • Silk or Synthetic Fabrics is dampened before ironing – It is advised that you do not spray water even a slight amount because by doing so, your fabric will be stained.

(NOTE: Always remember to disconnect your steam iron from the plug before performing the above resolutions.)

(WARNING: If you are ironing delicate fabrics, it is recommended to dampen the fabric first before activating the Spray Button

3. Phoenix Gold steam iron can not effectively remove cloth wrinkles

If Phoenix Gold Steam Iron cannot efficiently eliminate wrinkles on your fabric, find out below what can you do to fix them:

  • The temperature is set low: This can be fixed by setting the temperature by the cloth material.

(NOTE: Steam is necessary to eliminate creases effectively for some cloth material.)

  • The steam function is not enabled:  To fix this, enable it on your iron by clicking the steam button to trigger it. After performing this, the steam can now assist you in finally eliminating difficult creases on your cloth.

4. Phoenix Gold steam iron produces a noise

Various noises such as pumping and wheezing can be noticed while using the steam iron. You can learn more about this trouble here:

  • The water tank is working: Pumping water noise can be heard when the steam iron tank is working, which might be noisy. The noise is ideal and assumed, particularly with steam irons. To lessen the noise produced, you can place soft material underneath the base of your iron.
  • Steam from the soleplate causes an annoying wheezing sound: What causes the wheezing-like sound is the high-pressure steam produced by your Phoenix Gold Steam Iron. Rest assured that this sound is typical for steam irons with high-pressure steam.
  • Pumping noise is noticeable and is not the steam: Check the water tank because it may be empty. Water tanks usually produce pumping noise when activated but contain no water. To avoid this, always check your water tank. If the water tank is almost empty, immediately fill it with water. After filling it with water, trigger the steam button until the steam is produced.
  • Pumping noise is coming inside the iron: If your Phoenix Gold Iron makes a noise, doesn’t produce steam anymore, does not heat up, and creates a pumping noise, the problem must be the water system of your iron.

Phoenix Gold Iron Pro & Cons

Phoenix Gold Steam Iron’s consistency on its built means you don’t have to worry about its reliability. With that, let’s weigh its advantages and disadvantages for you to get to know this gold steam iron more:


Anti-calc system: Your phoenix GoldSteam Iron is built with a special resin filter with the water tank to inhibit dirt build-up in the soleplate. The resin filter is sturdy and permanent. That’s why you don’t have to replace it. However, it is not advisable to place scented water on your iron water tank.

Anti-drip system: Anti-drip system allows you to iron sensitive fabrics. However, keep in mind to keep the temperature setting low.

Self-Cleaning: This function cleans the insides of the soleplate thoroughly and eliminates specks of dirt. The self-cleaning feature is advised to use each 10-15 days.

Spray Function: With this function, you don’t have to hold the iron on your right hand and the sprayer on the other. To use this feature well, ensure that there is the right amount of water in the tank.

Large-volume water tank: Phoenix Gold Steam Iron has a large capacity of 380mL for its water tank.

Ceramic nonstick soleplate: Almost all steam irons available in the market is built of stainless steel soleplate. They may be scratch-resistant, but there are other more long-lasting soleplates available than stainless steel soleplates alone.

One of them is the ceramic soleplate that helps with easy gliding. Also, you can now bid your goodbyes about worrying about the scratches.


Anti-drip System: This system cools down the soleplate until no steam releases anymore but instead drains of boiling water that can potentially transmit stains. Dial the steam selector to turn it off, and the Anti-drip will be activated to limit the risk of staining your cloth.

Heavyweight: Phoenix GoldSteam Iron weighs about 2 kilograms. It’s known to be one of the heaviest steam irons available. Heavy irons tend to be one of the hardest irons to use because they require you to exert more effort than the lightweight steam irons available on the market.

Demands regular water filling: The water tank must be filled every seven minutes approximately when ironing large batches as it generates a lot of steam.

Generates loud noises: Phoenix Gold Steam Iron is, unfortunately, not the calmest steam iron. This steam iron produces noises, especially when its water tank is nearly empty.

Some may find this scenario a little unsettling, particularly when you prefer to entertain yourself by watching the TV while you’re doing the chore. However, one can adjust, especially when you get used to it.

How Long Should a Phoenix Gold Steam Iron Last?

Phoenix Gold steam iron’s life expectancy depends on several factors, such as how its owner takes care of the iron, how they use it, and how well the iron is maintained and cleaned.

Phoenix Gold Steam Iron can outlast compared to a regular steam iron available in the market. In light of this, it is essential to reflect on whether something is more worthy of your penny. Is it an average steam iron or a durable Phoenix Gold steam iron?

Is It Worth Repairing a Phoenix Gold Steam Iron?

Maintenance and repair can play a vital role in how your steam iron endures for a very long time. However, it’s different when we talk about the cost of fixing and maintaining it in the long run and eventually can overweigh the cost of just purchasing new steam iron.

The answer is always dependent on how you perceive your belongings, how you value them, and of course, your financial ability. Weighing these factors can help you decide smarter on what to do next with your old steam iron.

To hint, the cost of steam iron restoration may not be worth a penny because a new one can be more affordable and will come with a new warranty. However, the answer still relies on balancing the pros and cons of every decision you make.

Phoenix Gold Steam Iron Alternative

Phoenix Gold Steam Irons is indistinguishable from Tefal FV2662 Ultraglide Anti-scale Steam Iron. The two have known in the market hereafter, and a lot can testify to the quality of these two steam irons.

Phoenix Gold Steam Iron’s power boasts around 2200 watts, and Tefal FV2662 Ultraglide, on the other hand, offers 2500 watts of power, and one could almost tell that they are the same in terms of heating up.

Additionally, both Phoenix Gold and Tefal have an Anti-Calc System that filters and inhibits specks of dirt to build upon the insides of your steam iron.

Aside from the features above, the two steam irons have the Anti-Drip System to ensure that your fabric material won’t stick on the soleplate.