[Solved] Nissan Altima Key Fob Not Working (Here are the Fixes!)

One of the latest advancements in the automotive industry is the creation of a key fob. Who would not want to enjoy the convenience of simply clicking buttons instead of inserting keys in holes to open doors and turn on your car?

Definitely, Nissan Altima is up to the craze of this keyless entry! But what if its key fob unexpectedly stops working? 

Why Is Nissan Altima Key Fob Not Working?

Nissan Altima has always been one of the top recommendations for a sedan car with a spacious cabin. It is known to have a good history of service with its quality built, economical consumption of fuel, awesome features, and sharp looks.

Yet, it is not perfect and also experiencing issues such as the malfunctioning of its key fob. You might wonder why this problem occurs as Nissan Altima seems to have fine working parts, right?

Check the list below to answer your questions about why a Nissan Altima key fob is not working!

  • The fob key you are using might not be registered to the vehicle’s Intelligent Key system components and NISSAN Vehicle Immobilizer System components.
  • The battery of the key fob is low or drained already; it may also not be properly installed.
  • The new battery installed is not yet reprogrammed.
  • Some internal parts of the key fob are damaged.
  • The ignition cylinder of the car is damaged.
  • You are using the key fob too far or too close to the car.
  • Other key fobs inside the car or nearby can be interrupting the connection between your key fob.
  • The environmental conditions are weakening the transmission of radio waves between the key fob and the car which connects them.
  • The key fob is already busted. 

How to Fix Nissan Altima Key Fob That Is Not Working?

To fix a Nissan Altima key fob that is not working, you should make sure it is registered, replace its dead battery, properly install the new battery, and reprogram it after a battery change. You should also fix its damaged internal parts and the ignition cylinder of the vehicle.

Likewise, use the key fob only within the recommended distance and key start the car if other key fobs disrupt the connection. Consider also the environmental conditions to avoid situations that can prevent the successful connection of the key fob and your car.

The last solution is to get a new key fob if it is confirmed to be already damaged.

Use only a registered key fob

Your Nissan Altima key fob will not work if it is not registered with Intelligent Key system components and NISSAN Vehicle Immobilizer System components. You should register your key fobs before using them with your car.

Do you know that you can register as many as four Intelligent Keys or key fobs with your Nissan Altima? To register, just visit a Nissan dealer and ask for assistance.

When you purchase a Nissan Altima, be sure to take all the key fobs that your Nissan dealer has for you. Also, record the numbers on the key number plates provided with the key fobs as you will use these if you want to duplicate your keys (if you lost the key itself) as Nissan does not save these sets of information.

Replace battery

Basically, the key fob will not function properly if its battery is all used up. You will be informed once the battery is low as an indicator will appear in the information display which means you should replace it.

Approximately, the battery of your Nissan Altima key fob can last up to 2 years. Of course, this varies depending on your usage. Be sure to purchase the compatible battery; you can ask your Nissan dealer about it.

Make sure the battery is placed properly

Despite using a new battery, the key fob will still not operate if it is not properly set. Be sure to look at the battery orientation and place the battery with the accurate positive and negative ends.

Reset or reprogram the key fob

After changing the battery, you should reprogram the key fob to function again with your Nissan Altima. Reset all your key fobs together if you have more than one.

First, go inside your car, sit in the driver’s seat, and close all doors. Next, insert the key of your key fob in the ignition slot and turn it “on”. For at least 1 second, press and hold the lock button of your ignition key. Next, turn off the ignition key for 5 seconds while turning the key on again. Once turned “off”, do not remove the key right away.

Repeat the process of turning on and turning off 3 times and you will hear a noise on the 4th try which signals that the reprogramming is done already.

Remove the key then, step out of the car, close the door, and check if the key fob is working already. You can try this process a couple of times if it will not work on the first try.

Disconnect and reconnect the battery

You can also do an easy disconnecting and reconnecting to make your key fob work again. Simply remove the battery for 5 minutes and put it back again. Try testing the key fob if its buttons will now work. If not, you can try doing this again.

Check and fix internal parts

Your Nissan Altima key fob is unlikely to work if it has flaws with its internal parts. This is not impossible to happen since it is highly used whenever you drive your car.

The most common is damage to battery terminal contacts. You can simply check this by dismantling the key fob. Simple soldering can fix your problems if you track down the specific root cause.

As for more complicated internal issues, you will see a warning on the display whenever you press the ignition switch. The display will flash “Key System Error: See Owner’s Manual” which means a breakdown with the Intelligent Key system. You better visit your Nissan dealer to help you with this issue.

Check and fix the ignition cylinder

The culprit for a malfunctioning key fob may not be the key fob itself. You should also check other possible factors such as the ignition cylinder.

Your key fob is sending instructions to your car’s system; thus, if the corresponding part assigned to follow the key fob’s request is damaged, malfunctions should be anticipated.

The ignition cylinder is mounted inside the ignition switch where you insert the key to start your car. Over time, the engine of your Nissan Altima will wear and be more prone to operating issues.

You should then bring your car to the service center to know whether you can salvage the ignition cylinder or there will be no choice but to replace it.

Distance matters

Your distance to Nissan Altima is a very important consideration when you are using the key fob. The Intelligent Key functions will only be activated within the recommended distance so if you are too far, the commands from the key fob will not be received by the car’s system.

Your key fob can operate at a distance of 10 meters (33 feet) away from your car.

Restart the engine if there is interference from other keys or devices

You should be mindful of other possible keys or devices that can interrupt the connection between your key fob and your car. If your key fob is not working, you may try restarting the engine of your Nissan Altima just to be sure unregistered keys will be cut out.

First, turn “on” the ignition switch for 5 seconds. Next, turn “off” or “lock” the ignition switch and wait for 10 seconds. Do the turning on and turning off process once more.

Next, restart the engine of your car and be sure there are no interrupting devices nearby. It is recommended to have your key fob on a separate key ring and not be mixed with other keys.

Stay away from environments with interruptions

This recommendation can be challenging to follow for others as some situations where you are might be out of your control. Environmental conditions can also affect the operation of your key fob, so as much as possible, try to consider the suggestions below:

*Avoid places with strong radio wave transmissions such as TV towers or power stations.

*Do not get your key fob closer or covered with metallic materials.

*Avoid parking near a parking meter.

*Avoid using the key fob near equipment producing magnetic fields such as TV and computers.

*Avoid putting your key fob in places that can get it wet, get struck by sharp objects, or get too exposed to heat.

Replace your key fob

If your key fob still does not function after trying the suggestions above, it may be damaged needing a replacement. You can either have a replacement with a professional locksmith or with your Nissan dealer.


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